Saturday, January 13, 2018

At Trend Micro's Sales Kick-Off in Vancouver on January 9, I participated in a panel on Industry Futures with Greg Young and Vicram Phatek (of NSS Labs) led by Sanjay Mehta. To close, I offered a commentary on the failure of some organizations' DevOps approach.

In the form of a rap: Here  

Raw unfiltered| code is the best
Don’t waste your resource| on docs or on test

Users deserve| pure code unalloyed 
DevOps will leave| these folks overjoyed

The user is tops| the user is king 
Custom crafted code, man| that’s the thing

Straight from the artisan| coder to you
No time to waste| on design or review

Change Review Boards| are for losers and fools
Spend on developers| not testers or tools

If the build’s nearly clean| then drop to the Web
Users will know your heart| rules your head

Farm-to-table code yeah man| that’s the deal 
Organic, all natural,| unfiltered, and real. 

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